Ruth Gates

Ruth Gates - AtomyGates & Ruth Gates Boutique

Having spent years in a medical profession, Ruth Gates’ natural sense of adventure has always complemented her desire for life-long learning, and a keen sense of self-awareness allows her to glean insightful lessons from her own experiences

Among other things, Ruth gathered a sense of spiritual awareness, a mindfulness of the power of the human mind and the necessity to honour yourself – not just when it’s easy but in each day and in each action of your life.

Not one to follow the crowd, Ruth’s leadership skills allow her to take these lessons and lead by example; to embrace change but remain true to her core values: honesty, sincerity, and integrity. Ruth’s business venture, AtomyGates, allows her to do just that.

With AtomyGates, Ruth can help her friends, family and clients foster the sense of wellness, health and personal growth that originally brought her into a medical career. She can do this while staying true to her own values, since she can stand by the integrity of her product.

Ruth’s journey of personal growth continues as she is always looking forward to her next adventure.

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