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In order to purchase online products from Atomy at special member prices, your first step is to become a member.

  • No membership fee
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  • No auto shipping, No risk
  • Purchase only one Atomy product a year to maintain your membership.
  • Access to Online Shopping Mall
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  • Shop for consumer staples, everyday necessities
  • Shipping is free when you purchase over $180.00 before taxes
  • Your Member ID is global and unique to you
  • Atomy is a global, consumer based company, so enjoy your online shopping experience.
  • Members collect Point Values (PV) with every purchase that can be used to receive cash back from the company.

If you wish to join, please complete the instructions for self-enrollment.

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  • Probiotic

    I have suffered from acid reflux for many years and have been prescribed medication for this. I cannot eat many foods because they cause me to have pain. I am now on my second week of probiotic I have stopped my prescribed medication for acid reflux. I have no more pain. My digestive system is healthy and I am very happy with the results of probiotic. Thank you

    Michael G.
    December 15, 2015
  • Atomy Hair and Body Set

    Atomy Herbal Hair Treatment I love my hair now. It is manageable, soft, and shiny. I have my natural curls back. I no longer have to use gel or mouse to maintain my curls. Herbal Hair Treatment is a fabulous product. No more frizzy hair. Awesome!!!

    Daniela T.
    December 15, 2015
  • Skin Care 6 System

    Skin Care 6 System

    With my eczema and chronic dry skin, I really saw amazing results after two weeks of using Atomy. The Skin Care routine is easy to follow and makes my skin feel amazing. Thanks Ruth for suggesting these products. I included a before and after pic for you! Amazing!

    Gabrielle P.
    January 2, 2016

To attain Atomy membership via AtomyGates, please follow the instructions below.

Self-enrollment allows you to become a member quickly and keeps your personal information private.

Instructions for self-enrolling:

  1. Open website
  2. Go to your country branch of Atomy Inc. by clicking from the dropdown menu on the bottom right corner of the page. If you cannot find your country, it means Atomy is currently unavailable in your country.
    Please consult with if you would like more information about scheduled openings in other countries.
  3. On the website of your country.
    Click the “Login” button and login with
    AtomyGates login ID: 1706065 and password: happy123
  4. Click the “Join” button on the top right of the page once you are logged in, and go through the instructions, which start with you agreeing to the terms and conditions of membership with Atomy Inc.
    At some stage during the registration process, you will need a sponsor ID, which is an alpha-numeric membership code for a person who enrolled just before you. The name of the person associated with that code will appear automatically once you enter the code into the system.
    To acquire the sponsor ID, please contact me by email at
  5. The centre will load automatically.
  6. You will be sent to a confirmation page after having entered all your data, so after checking that all is well, click through to the next page, where your membership ID and password will be visible.
  7. Log out, and then log back in with your new membership details. Note that in some countries you may be required to validate your membership before being able to sign in initially. You should receive information directly from Atomy about this if it applies to you.
  8. Once you have completed your membership you can now shop online.

Thank you.
Ruth Gates


Once you receive your membership details from AtomyGates and complete your membership registration – the video explains how to start shopping and ordering your products.

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